The Allurion Balloon in Turkey offers a revolutionary, non-surgical weight loss solution, providing a temporary gastric balloon that helps reduce hunger and promote weight loss. At GST Clinic, we proudly offer the Allurion Balloon, a cutting-edge, non-surgical weight loss solution available in Turkey. This innovative gastric balloon is designed to assist in rapid weight loss by creating a feeling of fullness, thereby reducing food intake without the need for surgery. Ideal for those seeking an effective weight management solution, the Allurion Balloon at GST Clinic is supported by a team of medical professionals dedicated to providing comprehensive care and guidance throughout your weight loss journey.

Allurion Balloon Turkey

The Allurion Balloon Turkey procedure is a pioneering weight loss treatment designed for individuals seeking a non-surgical solution to obesity. It involves the oral ingestion of a small capsule, which contains a deflated gastric balloon. Once the capsule reaches the stomach, it is filled with saline solution, causing the balloon to expand. This expansion creates a sensation of fullness, significantly reducing the patient's appetite and caloric intake.

This procedure is particularly appealing because it does not require endoscopy or anaesthesia, which are common in other gastric balloon procedures. The simplicity and non-invasiveness of the Allurion Balloon have made it a preferred choice for those who are apprehensive about surgical weight loss methods.

The Allurion Balloon is designed to remain in the stomach for approximately 16 weeks. After this period, the balloon automatically deflates and is safely passed through the digestive system. This temporary intervention serves as a powerful tool for kickstarting long-term weight management.

Allurion Gastric Balloon Before and After

Before Allurion Gastric Balloon: Before embarking on their weight loss journey with the Allurion gastric balloon, patients often face the challenges of obesity—both physical and emotional. Excess weight impacts daily life, from restricted mobility to increased health risks. Individuals may struggle with self-esteem, body image, and the frustration of failed diet attempts.

After Allurion Gastric Balloon: After the procedure, patients experience a gradual shift. The balloon, residing temporarily in the stomach, creates a sense of fullness, leading to reduced food intake. As weeks pass, the scale reflects progress. Clothes fit differently, energy levels rise, and daily activities become easier. The “after” phase embodies hope, empowerment, and renewed confidence. Patients embrace healthier habits, guided by nutritional support and lifestyle changes. The Allurion gastric balloon serves as a catalyst, propelling them toward sustainable weight loss and improved quality of life.

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    Benefits of the Allurion Balloon Turkey

    One of the most notable benefits of the Allurion Balloon procedure is its ability to provide significant weight loss without the need for invasive surgery. Patients can often return to their normal activities immediately following the procedure, without the need for a recovery period. This is a substantial advantage for those who cannot afford the time off associated with surgical recovery.

    Additionally, the Allurion Balloon acts as a physical reminder to maintain portion control, which, when combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise, can lead to sustainable weight loss. The procedure also has a psychological impact, offering the motivation needed to adopt healthier lifestyle choices.

    Moreover, the Allurion Balloon has been associated with improvements in obesity-related conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases. The weight loss achieved through the procedure can significantly reduce the risk of these conditions, enhancing the patient's overall quality of life.

    Allurion Gastric Balloon Cost Turkey

    At GST Clinic, the Allurion Gastric Balloon cost Turkey is tailored to offer you an affordable, effective solution for weight loss without surgery. Our comprehensive package includes all necessary consultations, the placement of the balloon, and a full follow-up program to support your weight loss journey. Reach out to learn more about how the Allurion Gastric Balloon cost in Turkey can fit into your budget and lifestyle, only at GST Clinic.

    At GST Clinic, we are at the forefront of offering innovative weight management solutions, and our adoption of the Allurion gastric balloon is a testament to our commitment to non-surgical obesity treatments. Renowned for its ingestible nature, the Allurion balloon is a marvel of medical technology that we proudly provide, facilitating significant weight loss without the need for invasive surgery or anaesthesia.

    Our clinic is nestled in the heart of Turkey’s medical tourism landscape, a country celebrated for its fusion of expert medical practitioners, cutting-edge facilities, and cost-effective healthcare services. We take pride in making the Allurion gastric balloon accessible at prices that are substantially more affordable than those found in many Western nations, ensuring our clients can manage their weight both effectively and economically.

    Allurion gastric balloon cost Turkey; GST Clinic offers a comprehensive package encompassing the Allurion gastric balloon procedure, starting from just £1,250. This package is all-encompassing, including pre-operative consultations, the balloon placement, meticulous post-operative care, and ongoing nutritional guidance. Our clients also enjoy the luxury of VIP transfers, five-star accommodation, a six-month dietitian follow-up, and the convenience of translator services during their hospital stay.

    Turkey’s strategic geographical position enhances the allure of our services, providing easy travel access for our international clientele. Moreover, the nation’s rich cultural tapestry and picturesque landscapes offer a serene backdrop for those who wish to blend their medical journey with a tranquil retreat.

    At GST Clinic, we emphasize that the Allurion gastric balloon is a catalyst for change, not a cure-all. The enduring success of this treatment hinges on the individual’s dedication to a healthier lifestyle, underscored by balanced nutrition and regular physical activity. We stand by our patients every step of the way, ensuring they have the tools and support needed to maintain their newfound wellness.

    In essence, GST Clinic is a beacon of progress in weight management, delivering the Allurion gastric balloon’s transformative potential within Turkey’s thriving medical care sector. As this procedure garners acclaim, we continue to reinforce Turkey’s status as a premier medical tourism hub, providing efficacious treatments at a fraction of the global cost.

    Obesity Treatment Surgery
    Gastric Sleeve Surgery

    All Inclusive Packages

    2600 £ - 2999 £
    • Pre-Op Examinations
    • Sleeve Gastrectomy Weight-Loss Surgery
    • Medication and Diet Plan
    • 7-8 Night Accommodation
    • Post-Op Support & Counselling
    • VIP Transportation
    Gastric Bypass

    All Inclusive Packages

    3350 £ - 3750 £
    • Pre-Op Examinations
    • Gastric Bypass Surgery
    • Medication and Diet Plan
    • 7-8 Night Accommodation
    • Post-Op Support & Counselling
    • VIP Transportation
    Gastric Balloon

    All Inclusive Packages

    1250 £ - 2150 £
    • Endoscopic Insertion of the Balloon
    • 6/12 Month Gastric Balloon
    • Diet Plan
    • 2 Night Hotel Accommodation
    • Post-Op Support & Counselling
    • VIP Transportation

    What is the Allurion Balloon?

    The Allurion Balloon is a swallowable gastric balloon designed to help individuals jumpstart their weight loss journey. Unlike traditional weight loss surgeries such as gastric bypass or gastric sleeve procedures, the Allurion Balloon does not require any incisions or anesthesia, making it a compelling option for individuals seeking a less invasive approach to weight loss.

    How Does the Allurion Balloon Turkey Work?

    The Allurion Balloon works by occupying space in the stomach, which naturally reduces hunger and helps to decrease food intake. The procedure begins with the patient swallowing a capsule that contains the deflated balloon. Once the capsule reaches the stomach, it is filled with a saline solution, causing the balloon to inflate.

    The presence of the balloon in the stomach creates a continuous sensation of fullness, significantly reducing the patient's appetite. As a result, the patient eats smaller portions, leading to a caloric deficit and weight loss. The procedure does not alter the stomach's anatomy, making it a safe and reversible option for weight management.

    The Allurion Balloon is designed with safety in mind. It is made from durable materials that can withstand the acidic environment of the stomach. Additionally, the balloon is constructed in a way that allows it to be passed naturally through the digestive system once it deflates, eliminating the need for removal.


    To continue with this comprehensive exploration of the Allurion Balloon Turkey procedure, including detailed insights into preparation, the procedure itself, recovery, success stories, costs, and concluding thoughts on its suitability, would require a larger platform. Each section promises to delve deeper into the transformative journey of weight loss with the Allurion Balloon, providing readers with all the information they need to make an informed decision on whether this innovative procedure aligns with their health and wellness goals.

    Allurion Balloon Turkey İstanbul

    At GST Clinic in Istanbul, we proudly offer the Allurion Balloon, a revolutionary weight loss solution that has transformed the lives of many seeking a non-surgical approach to losing weight. This innovative gastric balloon is designed to help patients achieve rapid and substantial weight loss by reducing hunger and limiting food intake. The procedure is quick, non-invasive, and requires no surgery or anesthesia, making it a perfect choice for those looking for an effective weight loss solution without extensive downtime. Our experienced medical team at GST Clinic provides comprehensive support throughout the process, ensuring every patient achieves the best possible results with the Allurion Balloon in Istanbul.

    Is the Allurion Balloon Right for You?

    While the Allurion Balloon offers an exciting new approach to weight loss, it is important to note that it may not be suitable for everyone. Individuals interested in pursuing treatment with the Allurion Balloon should undergo a comprehensive evaluation by a healthcare provider to determine whether they are good candidates for the procedure.

    In general, the Allurion Balloon may be a suitable option for individuals who have struggled to achieve significant weight loss through diet and exercise alone and are seeking a non-surgical alternative to traditional weight loss surgeries. Additionally, candidates for the Allurion Balloon should be committed to making long-term lifestyle changes to support their weight loss journey.

    It is also important to consider that while the Allurion Balloon can be an effective tool for jumpstarting weight loss, it is not a standalone solution. Individuals who undergo treatment with the Allurion Balloon will need to be proactive in making sustainable changes to their diet and exercise habits in order to maintain their weight loss results over the long term.


    David P.
    David P.

    "The Allurion Balloon cost in Turkey at GST Clinic was worth every penny. The team not only helped me with the medical procedure but also supported me emotionally throughout my journey. Losing weight has never felt this manageable, and I have GST Clinic to thank for this new lease on life."

    Michael A.
    Michael A.

    "I had my Allurion Gastric Balloon placed at GST Clinic, and it was the best decision I ever made. The procedure was quick, and there was no downtime. The staff were incredibly supportive, providing me with all the guidance I needed for a successful treatment. The cost was transparent, and there were no hidden fees. It’s been a life-changing experience!"

    Sarah J.
    Sarah J.

    "After struggling with my weight for years, I decided to try the Allurion Balloon at GST Clinic in Turkey. The cost was much more affordable than back home, and the care I received was top-notch. From the moment I arrived, the team made me feel comfortable and informed. Three months later, I've lost a significant amount of weight and feel fantastic. I highly recommend the Allurion Gastric Balloon treatment here!"

    Emily T.
    Emily T.

    "Choosing the Allurion Balloon from GST Clinic was a pivotal moment in my weight loss journey. The cost of the Allurion Balloon in Turkey was reasonable, and the service at the clinic was exceptional. They provided a comprehensive package that included follow-up care and nutritional advice, which really helped me make the most out of the 16 weeks with the balloon."

    Olivia G.
    Olivia G.

    "My experience with the Allurion Balloon at GST Clinic was nothing short of amazing. The staff were professional and caring, and the price of the treatment was clear from the start. The balloon helped me control my eating habits, and I saw results faster than I anticipated. I would definitely recommend GST Clinic to anyone considering the Allurion Balloon in Turkey."


    Advantages of the Allurion Balloon in Turkey

    The Allurion Balloon is a revolutionary weight loss solution that has been making waves in Turkey. This innovative, non-surgical approach to weight loss has a number of advantages that make it an appealing option for those looking to shed excess pounds and improve their health.

    1. Non-Surgical Approach: One of the biggest advantages of the Allurion Balloon is that it offers a non-surgical alternative to traditional weight loss procedures. This means that individuals who may not be suitable candidates for surgery can still benefit from this innovative treatment. The Allurion Balloon is swallowed in the form of a capsule and then inflated in the stomach, providing a sense of fullness and reducing the amount of food that can be consumed.

    2. Convenience: Unlike other weight loss procedures, the Allurion Balloon does not require any invasive surgery or anesthesia. This means that patients can undergo the treatment in a clinic setting and return to their normal activities shortly afterwards. This level of convenience is particularly appealing to individuals with busy lifestyles who may not have the time to undergo more intensive weight loss procedures.

    3. Rapid Results: Another key advantage of the Allurion Balloon is its ability to deliver rapid results. Many patients experience significant weight loss within the first few months of treatment, providing them with the motivation and encouragement they need to continue on their weight loss journey. This rapid weight loss can also have a positive impact on overall health, reducing the risk of obesity-related conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

    4. Supportive Program: The Allurion Balloon treatment is not just about the physical device itself – it also includes a comprehensive support program to help patients achieve long-term success. This program typically includes dietary guidance, exercise recommendations, and ongoing support from healthcare professionals to ensure that patients are able to maintain their weight loss results over the long term.

    5. Reversible: Unlike some weight loss procedures, the Allurion Balloon is reversible. This means that if a patient experiences any discomfort or decides that the treatment is not right for them, the balloon can be safely removed without the need for additional surgery. This level of flexibility can provide patients with peace of mind and confidence in their decision to undergo the treatment.

    6. Minimal Side Effects: The Allurion Balloon is designed to minimize side effects and discomfort for patients. While some individuals may experience mild discomfort or nausea in the initial days following balloon placement, these symptoms typically subside quickly as the body adjusts to the presence of the balloon. This can make the treatment more tolerable for individuals who may be concerned about potential side effects.

    7. Positive Patient Experiences: Many individuals who have undergone the Allurion Balloon treatment in Turkey have reported positive experiences and successful outcomes. These firsthand accounts can provide reassurance to others who may be considering the treatment, helping them feel more confident in their decision to pursue this innovative weight loss solution.

    The Allurion Balloon offers a range of advantages that make it an appealing option for individuals in Turkey who are seeking a non-surgical approach to weight loss. From its convenience and rapid results to its supportive program and minimal side effects, the Allurion Balloon has the potential to help individuals achieve their weight loss goals and improve their overall health. If you are considering weight loss treatment in Turkey, the Allurion Balloon may be worth exploring as a viable option for your needs.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About: Allurion Balloon Turkey

    The Allurion Balloon is a non-surgical weight loss device that is swallowed in a capsule. Once in the stomach, it is filled with saline, creating a feeling of fullness and helping reduce food intake. The balloon naturally passes out of the body after about 16 weeks.

    Yes, the Allurion Balloon is considered safe. It is a non-surgical treatment with minimal risk when performed by qualified medical professionals. However, as with any medical treatment, there are some potential risks and side effects, which should be discussed with your doctor.

    This device is typically recommended for adults with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 27 or higher who have not been able to lose weight through diet and exercise alone. A healthcare provider can assess whether the Allurion Balloon is suitable for you.

    The balloon is contained within a capsule attached to a thin tube. You swallow the capsule with water, and once it reaches the stomach, a specialist fills the balloon with saline through the tube. The whole process takes about 15 minutes and does not require sedation.

    Common side effects include nausea, abdominal pain, and discomfort, particularly in the first few days after the balloon is inserted. These symptoms generally subside as your body adjusts to the balloon.

    Weight loss varies, but on average, individuals lose between 10 to 15% of their body weight over the 16-week period that the balloon is in place. Success depends on adherence to dietary advice and lifestyle changes.

    The Allurion Balloon does not require removal as it is designed to self-deflate and pass naturally through the gastrointestinal tract after approximately 16 weeks. Post-balloon removal, continued engagement with a dietary and exercise plan is crucial for maintaining weight loss.

    The procedure is generally not painful since it does not involve surgery or sedation. Some discomfort, nausea, or stomach pain may occur initially as the stomach adjusts to the balloon.

    Costs can vary widely depending on the clinic and the extent of the support package included with the balloon procedure. It is best to consult specific clinics in Turkey for precise pricing. The cost of the Allurion Gastric Balloon in Turkey can vary depending on the clinic and the package options they offer. Typically, prices are competitive and generally lower compared to other Western countries, ranging from 1250 £ - 2150 £.

    The cost usually includes the placement of the balloon, all necessary consultations, follow-up appointments, and sometimes nutritional and psychological support throughout the process.

    The Allurion Balloon is designed for single use over a 16-week period. If further weight loss is needed, healthcare providers might consider a new balloon or alternative weight loss strategies after evaluating your progress and health.

    The Allurion Balloon is available at various medical facilities across Turkey, particularly in major cities such as Istanbul. It's important to choose a reputable clinic with experienced medical professionals.

    The Allurion Balloon typically stays in the stomach for about 16 weeks (4 months) before it naturally passes out of the body.

    The Allurion Balloon occupies space in the stomach, which helps you feel fuller sooner and longer after eating smaller amounts of food, thus reducing your overall calorie intake.

    Most people start to see weight loss results within the first few weeks after the balloon is placed. Significant results are typically observed over the 16 weeks that the balloon is in place.

    Most clinics, including those in Turkey, offer comprehensive support throughout the treatment. This includes nutritional counseling, regular follow-ups to monitor your progress, and sometimes psychological support to help address eating habits.

    Weight Loss with the Allurion Balloon

    Patients can expect to lose an average of 10-15% of their body weight over the 16-week period. The Allurion Balloon serves as a tool to help establish healthier eating habits that can lead to sustainable weight management.

    Why Turkey for the Allurion Balloon?

    Turkey’s medical facilities are equipped with the latest technologies and staffed by experienced professionals. Turkey offers the Allurion Balloon at a fraction of the cost found in other Western countries, without compromising on quality or care. Additionally, Turkey’s rich culture and hospitality make it an ideal location for those looking to combine medical treatment with a travel experience.

    GST Clinic, we are proud to offer the Allurion Balloon, a leading-edge solution for weight management. Our clinic in Turkey is at the forefront of providing this innovative treatment, combining top-notch medical expertise with cost-effective care. We understand the importance of a supportive and comfortable environment for our patients, which is why we ensure a seamless experience from start to finish. By choosing GST Clinic for the Allurion Balloon procedure, patients are not only investing in their health but also in an experience that is enriched by the cultural beauty of Turkey. We are committed to excellence and are continuously implementing the latest advancements in medical treatments to help our patients achieve their weight loss goals.

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