Weight Loss Surgery: Gastric Bypass Esma A. Review

Esma A.

Lost: 74 Kilos

  • “My life has changed. I rediscovered myself.”
  • “If you have really made an effort to lose weight but have not been successful, I highly recommend you to take this path.”


Weight Loss Surgery: Gastric Bypass Esma A. Review

Since I was little, I had problems with my weight. I was always unhappy in my social life. I found it difficult to follow a diet. I thought about gastric sleeve surgery but I was afraid of gastric sleeve surgery. I did a lot of research about these operations. Thanks to blog sites, I learned about bariatric surgery in Turkey and that's how I saw Dr. Hasan Erdem. I was afraid not only of physical difficulties but also of psychological difficulties. My doctor helped me a lot to overcome my fears because Dr. Hasan Erdem was honest, kind, educated and most importantly experienced. 18 months ago he had a gastric sleeve surgery. And after 18 months I lost 45 kilos and in this process the diet programs and tips of our doctor played an important role. This operation was the best decision of my life. When I look in the mirror, I am happy. This is very important for me. I am very pleased. Thank God I had this operation.

They were my favorites in my previous life! Everybody concentrates on the physi- cal transformation. But the mental side of this transformation is more important for me. My life has changed completely. I rediscovered myself. My confidence has increased more than ever. I used to feel that all eyes were on me when I was walk- ing on the road. Now this feeling has disappeared. It’s a feeling that I can’t de- scribe with these words.


gastric sleeve before
gastric sleeve after 7 month
gastric sleeve before after 5 month
gastric sleeve after 7 month
gastric sleeve after 5 month
gastric sleeve after 3 month
gastric sleeve after 10 month

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